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Which Patio Heater?
A patio heater can be defined as a heat generating appliance for use outside and there are many different types of patio heater. There are gas, electric and propane heaters, chimeneas and various burning lamps that could be used to keep the patio warm in cold conditions.

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Outdoor Patio Heaters

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Outdoor Patio Heaters
Some outdoor patio heaters are also known as Umbrella or Mushroom heaters (due to their shape) and these are the types you may find in pub gardens or outside cafes. These outdoor patio heaters burn gas (or ‘propane’) and heat is directed downwards via perforated metal screens. Such outdoor patio heaters can be bought outright or hired from commercial providers – however they can be quite costly. To get the best price for these gas patio heaters you could research online auction or price comparison sites. Ensure you are buying from a reputable firm and that the product comes with a sufficient guarantee. If you are buying a gas patio heater you may also want to ensure that it’s easy to use and cheap to fix should anything go wrong.

Wood Patio Heaters
Less complicated Patio heaters are those that require wood etc to burn, such as fire pits or chimeneas. They may require more manual attention such as gathering fire wood and lighting it yourself, however it is unlikely that things will go wrong with the products functioning. They are often sold with safety guidelines and instructions on how to use them, plus they can remain outside all year through without worry of damage from extreme weather conditions.

Electric Patio Heaters
Electric patio heaters are often an easier option of patio heater to use, as they can be plugged in to the mains and away you go. Electric patio heaters can be free standing, like the gas heaters, or they can be wall mounted, or mounted onto Pergolas or other elevated outdoor structures. There are various designs with differing shapes and colours – so you should be able to match décor or themes if you have one in the yard.

Other Types of Patio Heaters
Should you wish to avoid electric, gas and propane patio heaters, as well as the fire pits and chimeneas, you may prefer to opt for oil lamps which emit heat. The benefits of oil lamps are they can be carried around easily or secured into the ground – they can often also emit scents that discourage mosquitoes and other unwanted insects. As they are often a smaller alternative you will probably find they are also a lot cheaper to buy and run too. There are hundreds of suppliers online, so it may be worth a little more research if you are looking for a cheap but effective patio.

Patio Heaters are a popular search online and we hope we have been able to give you some ideas to consider. Products vary in price and style but you should be able to find a patio heater that suits your needs. We have many articles on other accessories that may compliment your patio, garden or yard so please be sure to take a look through the site. You will find that this website is a great resource, whether you are looking for inspiration  or simply to purchase some garden products. Men and women, young and old, love to garden and to have a place to enjoy, relax and entertain friends. We hope our website has helped in some way!




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