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Many of us require a canopy for our patio to provide shelter and shade. There are many different designs and types of patio canopy, and some of these are known as awnings, covers, shades, shelters, umbrellas, tents, cabanas and gazebos. This article explains what a canopy is, their benefits and where you can buy them or potentially pick up a bargain. We have many useful articles, information and ideas throughout this site via our index page. In addition to ideas and tips on how to grow plants, flowers and vegetables, there's information on furniture and accessories, different types of design and lots of pictures which you may be able to use for inspiration!

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Benefits of a Patio Canopy
A patio canopy is an overhead structure, usually one storey high and is used to provide cover outdoors. The purpose of a patio canopy could be to create cover and shelter from the sun, wind, rain, snow (elements) or perhaps to provide privacy and block unwanted views. There are many benefits to having a patio canopy as not only do they look great, they also allow you to dine or socialise outdoors without having to worry about the weather changing. Plus, if a temporary structure, such as a gazebo, they are usually light in weight and easy to dismantle and store away when not being used.

Finding the right Outdoor Canopy
With such a huge choice of patio canopy, you should be able to find something that is suitable for your needs. There are simple designs that can be constructed at home with assembly instructions (such as the gazebo, umbrella or tent) and there are also canopies designed to remain outdoors, such as swings, awnings or strong and robust purpose built structures. A patio canopy can be designed and built as a permanent structure, made to remain in its place, outdoors, all year round. If you are looking for this type of canopy, it is a good idea to ensure that any materials used are weather proof, robust and able to withstand any harsh conditions (such as freezing temperatures, snow or extreme heat).

Prices and options
Prices range depending on size, material, design and quality; however as the patio canopy market is so competitive you can sometimes find great bargains at end of season sales or via online auction sites. Awnings can be expensive, but may be the best option if you are no longer able to build or dismantle temporary structures. They can also come with a remote control and motor so you can have a patio canopy at the press of a button. Alternatively, if you enjoy making things, you may choose to build your own patio canopy either from a kit of by DIY. If you have building experience and are confident enough, why not save money and make your own from wood and weatherproof fabric? Materials can be easily sourced, as could fittings and any replacements needed.

Add value to your patio and home
If you are considering buying a patio canopy it is always a good option to buy from a valuable and trusted source. Asking friends and family and looking on forums for comments and reviews may help. Always ensure that any patio canopy you buy comes with a guarantee too so that if anything should go wrong with it, you can either return it or have it fixed. A good quality patio canopy such as an awning could add value to your home but a bad quality patio canopy could make your home look run down and untidy, so it is worth sourcing the best options available before parting with any money.

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Thousands of people search to find ideas for a patio canopy. We hope that you have found this website a useful guide to what makes a patio canopy. Products and designs that will compliment your canopy can be found on many different pages so please take a look. You will find that this website is a great resource, whether you are looking to design, build or buy a type of garden canopy online or from your local garden centre. Both men and women, young and old, love to create their own patios and gardens, grow their own plants and have a place to enjoy, relax and entertain friends. Don't let bad weather spoil your time outdoors - find a suitable garden cover today!




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