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Lawn Care in the Garden
Many of us find it extremely difficult to grow and maintain a healthy lawn and there are many reasons why. Lawns thrive if you have the correct grass and soil type, adequate nutrients, ph balance, the correct percentage of air, regular watering and dedicated care and attention! There are many other ways you can improve and maintain your turf and this article outlines some of the helpful methods below. You'll need the correct tools and equipment, fertilizer, mower and know how to systematically maintain your lawn throughout the year. There are many cheap and cheerful techniques to help a garden lawn flourish, and some of these are as simple as not cutting the lawn too short, aerating when needed, watering and creating your own lawn fertilizer. For information and articles on many more patio and garden topics, please visit our index page. There you will find links to garden furniture, accessories, different types of design, pictures and videos. With simple examples of how to perform garden tasks - ideal for the garden novice!

lawn and garden

Garden and Lawn

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Grass Lawn and Water
When starting or maintaining any lawn or turf area, it is worth reading as much on the subject as possible. Preventing pests, disease and weeds and regular upkeep will all help your grass lawn. With most things, prevention is always better than treatment! Prevent any problems that could occur and you could save yourself time, money and further work. One of the first steps to a healthy lawn is choosing a type of grass that will flourish in your garden or yard. There are many types of grass, as there are types of soil, and these need to be in harmony - so if you are buying new turf, ensure that the grass type suits your soil and if you are planning on improving an existing lawn with grass seeds, make sure they are suitable. Mixing a variety of grasses should be considered too. Staff at your local garden centre will be able to advise the best lawn seeds for your area. Ensuring that any new or damaged lawn is receiving enough water, sun and air is important too. Sprinklers and hoses can normally spread over the lawn and help the turf to grow (certainly in hot conditions). Be careful not to water too heavily or too often - watering slowly (like you are imitating a naturally slow and light rain), deeply and in the morning time before the sun is strong enough to evaporate it quickly.

Garden Lawn Soil
The type of soil in your garden is also an important factor to a healthy lawn. Turf can benefit from healthy nutrients and the correct ph balance in the soil. If you are worried that your soil type is not very good, there are ways to improve it, such as adding compost or manure. Some local refuse dumps provide free compost to those who help recycle, otherwise you may want to create your own compost area in your garden. Aerating the soil may be necessary if itís thick clay or compacted soil - and your garden centre may have soil conditioner products (such as Gypsum) that they could suggest, in addition to soil testing kits (for ph balance). Creating air spaces in the lawn and soil will help nutrients, water and roots penetrate the earth. Understanding the ph balance will allow you to apply the correct fertilizers or soil amendments needed.

Tools and Equipment for Garden Lawns
Knowing which tools and equipment are good for the lawn and garden will help save time and effort with maintenance and upkeep. Mowers, edgers, spreaders, rakes, sprayers, aerators, de-thatchers, soil testing equipment, weed removal hand tools and sprinklers will all help establish a healthy lawn. Most, if not all of these can be bought from your local garden centre or you may be able to find a better deal online - certainly on some internet auction sites. The products do not necessarily have to be top of the range but as long as they work and come with a good guarantee they should be suitable. The mower will cut the lawn, edgers will give it a manicured appearance, rakes will remove unwanted debris and leaves, spreaders will distribute seeds, fertilizers, sprayers will cover areas with pesticides and aerators or de-thatchers will air the lawn and allow water to penetrate.

Which is the best lawn fertilizer?
Lawn fertilizers can be bought from the garden centre or made from ingredients you may have sitting around at home. A lawn fertilizer can add nutrients and enrich the soil, as well as fight weeds, fend off pests and prevent disease. The type and method of application is going to differ depending on your specific situation and whereabouts, but directions for use are always provided and should be followed carefully. There are organic, synthetic, granular and liquid fertilizers all available for buying. Alternatively, there are additional ways you could attempt to improve the colour and health of your lawn (and save money) and this is by following online natural lawn fertilizer recipes. One great tip for a natural lawn fertilizer is to save any dregs in beer or ale cans following a party and pour the leftovers into a watering can. This can then be mixed half and half with water and sprinkled over the lawn for a lush and full colour!

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Lawn mowing - Which lawn mower for the turf?
There are many different types of lawn mower and they vary in size, price and capability. Whatever size garden or yard you have, there will be a garden mower which suits your needs. You could opt for a corded electric mower, a cordless mower or a petrol lawn mower. If you have a large outdoor landscape and don't want to worry about electrical extension leads or your have a lawn far away from a electrical supply, you will need to consider a petrol mower. You may also need to think about a mower that can be driven as opposed to being pushed. However, whichever style of lawn mower you choose, it is worth finding one that has adjustable levels, so you can raise the blades up or lower them for a shorter cut. For manicured and extremely short lawns, many prefer cylinder mowers. Other considerations may be storage space, weight, brand, manoeuvrability and warrantee. A good tip is to not cut your grass too short, as it could damage your type of grass and even kill it.

Benefits of a healthy lawn
There are many benefits to a healthy lawn and some may surprise you! A healthy lawn can absorb heavy rainfall and purify the water, absorb carbon dioxide, emit oxygen, provide food for local wildlife such as birds (with insects, worms, etc.) and trap dirt and dust. A healthy lawn also creates a better looking yard or garden, a place to sit, play, socialise or relax and can add value to your home and property. However, if you are not a keen gardener or have very little time on your hands, you should be prepared to get help in, perhaps from a landscaper or local landscaping company!

Lawn and Garden
Thousands of people search to find out about tips and ideas for their lawn and garden. We hope that you have found this website a useful guide to what can achieve a healthy lawn and garden. Products and designs that will compliment your lawn and garden can be found on many different pages so please take a look. You will find that this website is a great resource, whether you are looking to design, build or plant a new lawn, turf or grassed area or simply purchase some accessories. Both men and women, young and old, love to establish and maintain their own lawn and garden, grow their own plants and have a place to enjoy, relax and entertain friends. We hope you succeed in creating your own lush and green garden lawn!




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