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How to Garden
This website contains information which may be helpful for the novice learning how to make a garden, as well as provides ideas and advice on how to grow your own vegetables, what furniture and accessories may be suitable, different types of design and lots of pictures! Please remain on this page for details about how to make a garden, or alternatively visit our Index page for details on chairs, tables, seats, benches, covers, umbrellas, lighting, water features and lots more!

how to make a garden

How to Make a Garden Bed

  • Information about how to make a garden!
  • Online info and ideas for the patio garden
  • How to make your own garden designs and ideas
  • Learn how to make a patio vegetable garden in the yard
  • How to build a backyard garden patio
  • Furniture, art and container ideas for your landscapes

Planning how to make a Garden
If you would like to make a patio garden, it is wise to take time to thoroughly plan and prepare before you begin any manual work! It can be great fun learning how to make a garden and you can endeavour to create and make it yourself or you could choose to pay for a local company to build it for you. Many of us are working to a budget and employing others may not be possible, however if it is within your means to employ a firm it may save you time and effort. Then again, the thought of creating and finishing your own patio garden (knowing that you have completed all the hard work) may persuade you to give it go yourself. There are several helpful pages on this website that will advise you, offer useful tips and present inspiration. Visit our Index page for links to beautiful pictures and motivational content.

How to make a Garden Analysis
Before deciding how to make your garden you should first conduct a complete analysis of the area where it will be built. You will want to be certain of where it will be, how it will be accessed and that the ground is suitable for building on (both structurally and lawfully - i.e. planning permission needed). Garden areas that are water-logged, suffer from flooding, or likely to sink (weak foundations) should be sorted out before you move forward. You can then decide exactly what is needed to make your patio garden fulfil its potential. For example, to make a patio garden you could design it as traditionally or as abstract as you wish. Being creative gives you unlimited options and you can be as wild or as plain as you like. Features to consider in your initial analysis may be the size, shape, access points, views, privacy, flowers/plants, colour, materials (metals/woods/wicker/stones/metals/etc), furniture, décor, sunlight, water (drainage/surface run-off), weather, surroundings, maintenance, home security and the cost of the patio garden.

How to make Garden sketches
Having decided exactly what your garden is to consist of, you can start sketching ideas. You may find ideas on our design pages that could help. If you only have a small space to make a patio garden then precise measurements are essential. Ensure you know how big furniture is, how much space will be needed for pathways and that you can manoeuvre comfortably around pots, plants and any other features that the patio garden needs to accommodate. If you are fortunate to not be governed by space and have a large area to play with, dimensions and scale are a lot less important but should still be considered.

How to make Garden spaces work
The size of your garden will normally be determined by how much space you have and the features you wish to include. If you would like a minimalistic and open area with a relaxed feel, then you may opt to not overcrowd the space. On the other hand, if you prefer crowded and full spaces with lots going on, you may opt for as many plants, accessories and features as you can fit in! There’s no wrong or right answer here - it’s all down to personal choice.

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Making a Garden shape
Learning how to make a garden can be a test but it also allows you to be unique. A square or rectangular shaped garden may be too dull and traditional for you so why not consider implementing ovals, circles and flowing curves, splitting up sections, creating raised tiers and using focal points. If you want to make a garden for entertaining and dining you may wish to direct people’s views to ornamental shrubs rather than a wooden fence. Seating direction, focal points, the direction of the sun, shade and protection from the elements should all be taken into consideration.

Make a Garden with plants
The flowers, plants and shrubs you decide on for your garden will need to be suitable for your climate and soil. Many plants and flowers thrive in specific conditions, so asking for advice at your local garden centre or nursery may help. Aesthetics are hugely important (foliage, size, colours, scent and beauty of the plant) but also think about how much sun, shade and water they will get too. You may be able to attract wild animals and insects into your garden with certain plants, and other plants may discourage them, so use you may wish to consider these factors also.

How to make a Garden decor with different materials
Materials and décor may be important to you when deciding how to make your garden. Some materials may be more suitable to your climate than others. There are many to choose from too, including wood, stone, wicker, glass, metals, wrought iron and plastic. If you are to make or use outdoor furniture you may want to ensure that any fabrics are weather proof and protected from harsh weather conditions. If you want to make a strong and robust patio, then you have the options of concrete, block paving, natural stone, paving slabs, brick, pebbles, tiles and tarmac amongst many more. However, you’ll want to ensure that whatever materials you use are strong and durable. You may also wish to make the décor of your gardens match your home, creating a natural extension to the outdoor area. You can make décor match through the use of certain coloured foliage or flowers, furniture covers, cushions and fabrics and even matching hard materials such as the use of stained woods or wrought iron.

How to make a Garden in the yard
Thousands of people search to find how to make a garden and ideas that may be useful in the process. Build a bit of paradise on your own door step! We hope that you have found this website a useful guide on how to make a start with your outdoor space and which products may suit you. You will find that this website is a great resource, whether you are ready to design, build or make a landscape in the yard, or if you simply wish to purchase some products and accessories. Both men and women young and old can make their own gardens, nurture their own plants and have a place to relax and entertain friends!




How to Make a Backyard Garden

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