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Decks and Decking
Decks are great features to have in your yard or garden. A deck covers areas of the surface reducing the need for maintenance, as well as adding character and possible value to the property. There are many pages on this website dedicated to patios, including information on how to build one, ideas on designs, hints, tips and ideas. Please visit our article on building a patio or navigate back to our Index page on the link above to read and learn more on patios, their benefits and a wide range of features and accessories that you may wish to consider. Below we have listed ideas, tips and things to consider when building a deck. We have also highlighted some of the benefits and what materials could possibly be used. Our high definition video gives a quick and brief overview of the steps it takes to build a simple deck, however we have broken each step down into more detail, which we'll take you through later!

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How To Deck

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Decking Materials
A deck can be made out of a range of different woods (such as pine, cedar, redwood) and they can be bought treated or untreated. When decks are mentioned, most people automatically think about wooden decking, but there are many other materials that can be used (such as aluminium, vinyl and plastic or wood composites). The use of other materials usually offers a low maintenance alternative and other benefits, although prices may be a lot higher - certainly if you are planning on decking a large space. Therefore, it is worth conducting a thorough search on the web or asking friends, family and forums what they would suggest. Whichever material you choose, you’ll want it to be robust and long lasting. You’ll also want to ensure that any deck fixings used are treated and weather-proof.

What are Decks?
Decks can be a brilliant addition to your yard or garden, even if you already have a patio as they offer an elevated area which can provide better viewpoints, more exposure to sun and breezes and a whole lot more. Decks are a great place to socialise and dine in those summer months, they are ideal for furniture which you want to keep clean and tidy, and they can act as natural extensions of the home (when built level with doorways/exits).

Designing and Building Decks
There are many different guides on the internet for building a garden deck and it is worth doing your homework if you are planning on building a deck yourself. We have included a checklist of things you may wish to consider before you begin (in no particular order):

  • Skills and Equipment. Do you possess the necessary skills to do the job? You will need basic carpentry skills as well as have the appropriate saws, drills, spades, hose, hammer, etc, etc!
  • The Site. Where will it be and what will it be used or? Think about sunlight and exposure to the elements. What time of the day will you spend on the deck? Avoid cold shaded areas if possible. Do you need planning permission?
  • Size. How big will it be? What do you want to fit on it? Ensure you have enough space for any furniture and safe manoeuvrability. Always ensure you check your measurements before starting any work or buying materials.
  • Safety, Stability and Strength. Ensure that the structure will be strong enough. How much weight will it need to support? You’ll want a non-slip surface (grooves therefore face up!). Will you need hand rails around the outside to prevent anything (or anyone) falling off? You’ll want to ensure robust foundations.
  • Materials. Try to use materials that will save you time and effort (such as pre-treated wood and quick drying concrete mixes designed specifically for the job). Use fixings (nails, screws, fasteners) that are also treated and recommended by trade experts.
  • Maintenance. Will it need regular cleaning, staining, treating, sanding, etc?
  • Access. Will you need a sloped access for wheel chairs? Will steps be required – if so, how many?
  • Aesthetics. Function is important but so is style. What colour and design do you want to achieve?
  • Design. Consider functionality, surface run off for water, etc. Keep it simple if its going to be a DIY job and you’re not experienced.
  • Price. What will be the costs of the materials and labour? Do you need to work to a budget?
  • Time. How long will it take and how many people will it require?
  • The environment! Can you source recycled wood? Do you really need to choose a type of wood that destroys a natural habitat? If having to treat the decking, ensure its done so in a safe and controlled manner. Some chemicals can be harmful to wildlife, pets and children.

A deck can be as simple or as complicated as you like. Click on the link below to go through six simple steps to achieving a basic garden deck, which will sit close to the ground level. The deck was designed to hold the weight of a dining table and chairs, plus a family of five. It hasn’t sunk or damaged and still stands strong…

How To Deck Step One >

Thousands of people search to find out about how to deck, as well as techniques and ideas for their patio garden. Build a bit of paradise on your own door step! We hope that you have found this website a useful guide to decks, patios, products and designs. You will find that this website is a great resource, whether you are looking to build or construct a traditional or modern garden, or simply purchase some products and accessories for decks or patios. Both men and women young and old love to create their own deck, grow their own plants and have a place to relax and entertain friends. We hope you can get some ideas and inspiration from our website to set you on your way!




How To Deck

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