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There are many different types of garden bench you can buy for your front or backyard. Your local gardening centre will usually stock several ranges (depending on their size) otherwise a good search online should return you with info on benches made from wood, metal, steel, iron, stone, concrete and plastic. This article provides an overview of the garden bench and helpful considerations when deciding which may be best for you. Throughout this website we have dedicated articles, facts and information on a range of garden and patio topics. We also offer ideas and tips, what furniture may be of interest, different types of designs and several pictures for inspiration! Information on outdoor chairs, seats, benches, tables, covers, umbrellas, lighting and water features can be found via links on our index page!

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What are garden benches?
Garden benches are long seats designed for more than one person to sit on. The benches are typically made from wood or from stone and can be found outside in many a yard, pub, park, patio or landscape. Some are simply made from a long seat with two upright legs either ends, providing strength and stability. Other garden benches have arm rests and a back rest for comfort, to lean against and to help you to sit down and get back up! Benches make a great asset to any garden, no matter what the style or theme.

Antique or modern garden benches
Styles and designs of garden benches differ greatly, and you will be able to find modern benches to suit modern designs or alternatively if you have a more antique theme throughout your outdoor space, then there are antique designs and finishes too. The modern wooden bench can be found in many inner city parks or along pathways designed for walking and rambling. Antique garden benches made from wrought iron and stone can be found in traditional or botanical gardens, so you may wish to visit these places for inspiration if you havenít yet made your mind up!

Cheap garden benches
Garden benches do range in price and quality, depending on how well theyíre made, what style they are and what materials have been used to make them. It is worth noting that buying the cheapest is not always the best option. Try to find your garden bench from a reputable and trusted source. Ask friends and family or check on forums to see which benches get the best review and ensure you get a guarantee with it. The garden bench will need to be 100% weather proof too, so any wood used will need to be treated, as will any metal or fixings. If you are thinking of benches in other materials, you may want to ensure they can be easily cleaned and maintained.

DIY garden benches
If you prefer rustic garden benches then you always have the option of making your own. After all, as long as itís ergonomically correct, strong, durable and safe, why pay lots of money out on something new. Many of us have wood lying around at home that can be recycled and used for such a project. Fallen trees and stumps can be used - all you effectively need is two stumps for the legs and a plank of wood for the seat! Just ensure that the wood is rubbed down, to avoid splinters or ripping clothing and also treat the wood so it doesnít rot.

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Memorial or gift garden benches
The outdoor bench can be used a key feature outside in your yard. For resting those weary legs after a dayís gardening, for using as a pivotal point for design, or just for lying down on in the sun, the garden bench can be used for a variety of purposes. Many Japanese garden designs include benches for people to sit and admire views or focal points during their journey round the garden. They can be also be used for less formal socialising and to fill blank or dull spaces in the yard. Benches make great gifts and memorial presents too - any keen gardener would enjoy receiving a garden bench as a present, however you may want to ensure they have the need and space first!

Thousands of people search to find suitable garden benches for their outside area and inspiration for a unique design and outdoor space. We hope that you have found this website a useful guide to potential benches, products and designs. You will find that this website is a great resource, whether you are looking to design, build or plant a new landscape or simply purchase some products or tools. Both men and women young and old love to create their own patios and gardens, grow their own plants and have a place to relax and entertain friends!




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