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Throughout this website you will find useful information, links to products and lot of ideas which could compliment your gardens, patios or yards. This article is on garden art and how it could spruce up, add colour and add character to your outdoor space. For ideas and tips on how to grow plants, flowers and your own vegetables please visit our Index page. You will also find information on furniture and accessories (such as chairs, tables, seats, benches, covers, umbrellas, lighting, water features, and much more!), different types of design and lots of pictures which you may be able to use for inspiration!

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Art in the Garden

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What is garden art?
Garden art covers a whole range of accessories and ornaments produced for placement in the yard or garden. Examples of garden art can include paintings, sculptures, decorations, bird houses and feeders, ceramics, statues, urns, chimes, bells, pet memorials, name plates, clocks, fountains, hand crafted objects (in metal, wood, clay, all types of furniture, topiary and any specialised arrangement of flowers, plants and shrubs. Art can add character, style and colour to what could be an otherwise plain outdoor space. Used in the wrong way and it can sometimes appear tacky and over the top - but its your prerogative so use garden art how you see fit! Art makes a great gift for the enthusiastic gardener all throughout the year, so it is ideal for Birthdays, Christmas, Easter, summer, spring, autumn and winter. Our video below shows examples of great gifts!

Garden art decor and gifts
Garden art can be used in conjunction with a certain garden décor or theme. If you already have furniture or structures made from stainless steel or wrought iron, it may look good to use the same theme with your art. Sculptures from steel or iron could look perfect alongside or nearby steel or iron furniture sets, tables, benches and gates. Matching patterns or colours, such as painted wood or paint sprayed metals could tie all your accessories in together. You could use your favourite colour to match flowers and planting schemes with ornaments, cushion colours and landscape art. There are so many options that you will be able to find the perfect garden art gift no matter what someone’s tastes.

Garden Art ideas
Garden Art can come in a lot of forms, such as wood, stone, glass and metal sculptures and carvings. If you have a favourite animal or pet then you may be able to find a matching or similar ornament to place in the garden. A traditional piece of garden art was the gnome! However these days you can visit the garden centre and find ornaments of owls, bulldogs, turtles, bullfrogs, dogs, cats, birds, fish, frogs, otters and hedgehogs. Many water features and structures also include animals and wildlife replicas in their designs, so again, it would be easy to continue a theme or interest should you have one. Other popular types of art involve functional structures such as bird tables, feeders and baths, which will attract local birds and provide focal points.

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Where to buy garden art?
You can buy garden art at your local garden centre or perhaps choose to make some yourself at home. Prices will range depending on what you buy, however with the increasing popularity of gardening art and the increased competition, prices are kept a competitive and reasonable rate. If you are looking to save money or find a bargain then consider looking at end of season sales or special promotions at your local gardening centre. If you aren't rolling in money and have a creative side then why not make your own? Garden Art can be made out of recycled materials, old bikes, cars, coat hangers, pots, doors, frames, boards, plates - anything you can get your hands on or have lying around in the garage, loft or attic. The good thing is you can be as adventurous, creative and whacky as you like! As long as you're happy with the end result then it will look good (to you) in your garden. If you are looking to buy a particular type of art, such as a painting, canvas or sculpture it is worth making sure that its weather proof and the materials used will not spoil if exposed to too much rain or sun. Any accessories or ornaments that require electricity or plumbing (water) should be installed by a professional and safely.

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Thousands of people search to find out about tips and ideas for art in the garden. Create your own art exhibition in your front or backyard! We hope that you have found this website a useful guide to what can be included as art for gardens. Links to products can be found on various pages of this site and you may even find design tips that will compliment your decorations or garden art. You will find that this website is a great resource, whether you are looking to design, build or plant gardens, fill them with art, decorations or ornaments. Both men and women, young and old, love to create their own outdoor space, grow their own plants and have a place to enjoy, relax and entertain friends. We hope you succeed in creating your own personalised space!




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