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An enchanted garden is one that will fill people with charm and great delight. However, there are so many ways this can be achieved and below we list some of the ideas that may help give your patio garden the enchanted wow feeling! Flowing patterns, unique designs, different materials, plant life, elevations, structures and water could all help you accomplish an enchanted garden. We hope that this article will provide you with the necessary inspiration and ideas to succeed.

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Garden Enchanted

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Enchanted garden design
The enchanted garden design is an important factor, as you’ll want the area to be both functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. Access points, pathways, division of sub-areas (size, and shape), seating and focal points should all be taken into consideration. Jot down everything you want included, such as trees, shrubs, containers, flower beds, furniture and any other features. Then ensure that everything can be fitted in and all the important features can be seen and appreciated. A unique layout and design may give the wow factor by itself! Our garden designs article may help you with this process.

Materials for an enchanted garden
Which materials you choose to use may also help you complete an enchanted garden. Using a dull and plain concrete may be too run-of-the-mill, so it could be worth while researching what other hard materials are available. Natural stones, pebbles, slate chippings, treated and coloured woods, metals, glass and wrought iron may all look good in your enchanted garden. Pathways could be made to look great with different coloured bricks, blocks, and stones or even tarmac!

Plants, flowers and decor of an enchanted garden
To achieve an enchanted garden you may wish to make it as full and colourful as possible. Flowers, plants, shrubs and trees can all offer a great variation of colour, foliage, scents and sizes (width, depth and height). Your local garden centre will be able to provide and advise on which plants will be best for your climate and soil type. The décor of your enchanted garden furniture could be matched to the colours of the plants you choose, creating a theme. Different coloured cushions could be tied in with the surrounding flower beds - or you may opt to have a dramatic contrast in colours.

Ornaments in an enchanted garden
Ornaments and ornamental plants can also help you accomplish an enchanted patio gardens. You could place art, sculptures and statues at focal points to capture the eyes attention. Position seating and dining areas so they are in full view of the ornaments. Ornamental plants can add colour, foliage, and unique shapes to dull spots. Your enchanted garden could also be personalised with plaques, signs or carvings, such as ‘Dads Garden’ or ‘Welcome to Paradise’.

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Enchanted garden water features
An enchanted garden could also include water features, garden fountains, streams (natural or man-made) or a garden pond. Trickling or running water can create a relaxing and tranquil setting if there is little noise pollution around. The water’s surface will provide reflections and a place for wildlife to gather. Patio garden ponds are also ideal for fish, providing additional colour, slow and calm movement and another point of interest. Watch our high definition video on ponds to see if one could suit your enchanted garden!

Create structures in an enchanted garden
Enchanted gardens are not always on one level and consisting merely of flowers. Structures can be implemented to create multi-levels, overhead shades and cover, separating/dividing screens, and pergolas. You may also wish to raise the level of flower beds so they are easier to access/maintain and the flowers and plants nearer to eye level. Raised flower beds can be constructed with brick or wood. Our patio garden container page has a good example of what can be built from left over wood!

Ideas for an enchanted garden
When making, updating or conserving an enchanted garden you can be adventurous or conservative, as the beauty of design is you can make your own rules. Why not create an area where seating or a dining table could be placed, in full view of the best features, with easy access, full sun, protected from wind and noise, away from garbage/stagnant water (to reduce bugs), surrounded by colourful plants and variation? Whatever you choose for your enchanted garden, we hope you succeed!

Thousands of people search to find out ideas for enchanted gardens. Build a bit of paradise on your own door step! We hope that you have found this website a useful guide to an enchanted garden and suitable products and designs. You will find that this website is a great resource, whether you are looking to design, build or plant an enchanted landscape or simply purchase some products and accessories. Both men and women young and old love to create their own enchanted gardens, grow their own plants and have a place to relax and entertain friends. We hope you can get some ideas and inspiration from our website to set you on your way!




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