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This website contains information about deck chairs, in addition to other types of furniture and accessories, different types of garden designs and lots of inspirational pictures! Read below for information about deck chairs, or navigate via our Index page for details on other patio garden chairs, tables, seats, benches, covers, umbrellas, lighting, water features and much more!

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Deck Chairs

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History of deck chairs
Deck chairs have been used by our ancestors for many years and are a great asset to any patio garden. There are lots of benefits to having them over other types of seat and we elaborate on some of the benefits below. Deck chairs appear to have received their name from their use on the decks of large boats / ships (such as the Titanic or Carpathia in the early 1900’s). Nonetheless, you will not only find deck chairs on ships, but also at the seaside (on beaches and piers), around swimming pools, at the races, at concerts, festivals, sports events and many other places.

Easy carry and store deck chairs
The reason deck chairs are so popular is not just due to how comfy they are, but also the ease that they can be transported around and stored away. As deck chairs can be folded into an upright position it makes them easy to store upright in cupboards, the shed or garage. Compared with other seating, they take up very little room due to their folding mechanism. It also means that more than one deck chair can quite easily be transported in the trunk (or boot) of a car when going away on a trip. Deck chairs can also be very light, so even once you have reached your destination it is not too much of a bind to carry them a short distance, such as, to and from the beach.

Simple and comfy deck chairs
The appeal of deck-chairs is also their simplicity. Deck chairs are mainly made from two materials (the frame and the fabric / canvas seat) and can be used for many years if looked after and cared for. This means that if something is to go wrong at any stage, you should be able to repair them yourself, without having to rely on a company to do it for you. Most deck chairs are made with fixings and fabrics that are easily accessible too, so you can look to repair any damage and not have to fork out for a new one. For some people, the appeal of deck chairs is their sense of nostalgia. Worn wood and traditional looking patterns and colours could give a patio garden character and history.

Types of deck chair
There are different types of deck chairs that can be bought. There are traditional deck chairs, old fashion deckchairs and double deck chairs (known to some as Wide Boy versions) which seat two people. Some deck-chairs have extended pieces of wood for leg rests and also arms for added comfort and stability. These arms act as an additional benefit, making it far easier to get in and out of the chair. You will find deck chairs with an array of colours, patterns (stripes/solid), fabrics (canvas/cottons/acrylics) and frame materials (treated wood/metal) too, so you can match the décor of your patio garden or other cushion covers.

outdoor deck chairs

Deck chair considerations

Deck chairs range in price too, so ensure you search around if you are looking for a bargain. The price is usually depicted by the quality of the product though so if you wish to buy deck chairs that are robust and will last, you may need to be willing to pay a bit more for them. There are several firms that solely sell deck chairs, as well as high street shops and garden centres so that usually means the prices are quite competitive. Some things to remember if you are looking to buy deck chairs are:

  • Are they 100% weather proof or just shower proof? There will be a difference in the fabric and frame used.
  • Are they designed for regular or occasional use? The heavier duty ones will often be more robust.
  • Build Quality. Are they strong and will they take the weight needed? Are the materials used durable? Is the wood and fabric treated for adverse weather conditions?
  • Do the deck chairs come with a guarantee?
  • Are the deck chairs easy to maintain and fix should a problem occur? Are the parts readily available?

Assembling deck chairs
Although deck chairs are very popular, they aren’t always easy to assemble if you have no prior experience (nothing to be embarrassed about). We’ve therefore put together some simple steps that we hope will help you look less silly on a packed beach: Start by standing the chair upright with the folding arms pointing towards the sky. Turn the longest (notched) arm away from the frame and towards the ground, then move the shortest arm towards the longer, slotting the bar into one of the notches. The seating position can then be adjusted before you sit in the chair. Ensure it sits flush on the floor and is stable before sitting down…. and relax.

Thousands of people search to find out about deck-chairs and ideas for their patio garden. We hope that you have found this website a useful guide to Deck Chairs and other products that could accompany them. You will find that this website is a great resource, whether you are looking to design, build or plant a patio garden or simply purchase some products and accessories. Both men and women young and old love to create their own patio garden, grow their own plants and have a place to relax and entertain friends. Deck chairs are one of many features that could brighten up your yard!




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