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This website contains information which may be helpful for the novice creating a patio garden, in addition to ideas and tips on how to grow your own herbs, vegetables, furniture and accessories, creating different types of design and lots of pictures! Please read below for information that may help when creating patios, or visit our Index page for details on patio chairs, tables, seats, benches, covers, umbrellas, lighting, water features and lots more!

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Create a Garden

  • Information about creating a patio garden!
  • Using brick, stone, concrete and pavers in your patio garden
  • Creating patio designs and ideas
  • Building a patio herb garden
  • Tips for creating a unique and functional space
  • Furniture, border, cover and wall for your patio garden

Plans for creating a patio garden
If you are thinking of creating a patio garden, you should take time to carefully plan and prepare before any work starts! Creating a patio garden can be great fun and you can attempt to design and build it yourself or you could opt to pay for a local firm to do it for you. If money isn’t an issue, the latter may be a lot less hard work, but the feeling of creating and completing your own personal patio garden, knowing that you have done all the hard work, may tempt you to give it go yourself. There are many pages on this website that will help you, offer tips and provide inspiration through our pictures and articles.

Analysis when creating a patio garden
Some general advice for creating a patio garden would be to start with a thorough analysis of the site. Decide where the patio garden is going to be, ensuring it is in no way obstructed or unable to be built on/redesigned (such as water logged or subsiding ground). You will then want to determine exactly what is needed in your patio garden for it to reach its full potential. When creating, the options are limitless, so you can personalise the space as much or as little as you like. Think about the area, size, shape, access, views, plants, colour, materials (woods/stones/metals/etc), furniture, décor, sunlight, exposure, water (drainage/surface run-off), weather, surroundings, maintenance, longevity, security and cost. We’ll expand more on these points below.

Creating a patio garden design on paper
Once you feel you have noted everything you would like to include/leave out, you can begin by creating and designing your patio garden on paper. If you are creating the garden in a small and confined space the dimensions are very important to get right, so measuring and working to scale are imperative. If you have a large space and are not too fussed about exact measurements then the planning can be a lot less precise. When creating anything, you need it to work, so function is just as important as aesthetics.

Use your personality when creating a patio garden
The size of your patio garden will be determined by how much space you have and what you would like to include. If you are looking to achieve an open and relaxed feel, then you may wish to be minimalistic with the features you include. If you would like a full, vibrant and almost overgrown patio you may wish to get as many features involved as possible. Whichever route you choose, when creating the area ensure that you can easily access the patio garden and manoeuvre around safely. Try to avoid putting you or anyone else at risk of tripping over pots, plants, furniture or features.

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Creating a patio gardens shape
Creating a shape for your patio garden can be a challenge but also gives you the opportunity to be different. Creating a rectangular or square shaped garden may be too run of the mill, so why not consider flowing curves, splitting up sections, creating tiers and taking viewpoints into consideration. If you plan to sit or dine on your patio garden, it will be a much more pleasant experience to do so looking at a great view, rather than a brick wall. Not only do you want to think about seating direction and focal points of interest, also remember that the shape and positioning will want to be harmonic with the elements. Where will the sun be facing during the day and the times you are likely to spend on the patio? Will the space require any protection from the sun, wind or rain?

Creating a patio garden with plants and flowers
The plants and flowers you choose will also be determined by the climate as well as the soil type. Some plants and flowers achieve better results in certain conditions, so when choosing plants don’t only think about the foliage, colours, scents and beauty of the plant. They will only thrive if compatible with the environment. Your local garden centre or nursery will be able to advise which plants will do well in your area. You may opt to position your plants where they are in full sun, or where they can grow and reach their potential. Scents and colours may also attract wildlife, so be sure that is what you intend before planting such foliage. Navigate through our website via the Index page for idea on plants, climbers, etc.

Which materials when creating a patio garden?
The materials you use when creating your patio garden will play a big part in the longevity and cost of the project. If you plan to lay a patio, you could consider the use of bricks, blocks, pavers, tiles, pebbles, natural stone, tarmac, flagstone or concrete. How the patio is laid and the strength and durability of the material may determine how long it will last (and remain looking good). You may want to use certain materials for the furniture and accessories, creating a theme or natural extension of the home. Wrought iron, wood, wicker, stone, metal or plastic are all possibilities.

Creating a patio garden decor
The décor of your patio garden may also be important to you. Flowers and foliage can be planted so that the colours match furniture cushions, fabric or the colours used in the home. You may wish to limit colours and only use plants, shrubs and trees that give different depths of green. Alternatively you may wish to get as many vibrant colours together as possible and enjoy them all year round. When creating your haven, you may wish for it to blend in with the natural surroundings, so look at other nearby gardens and natural beauty for inspiration.

Costs and considerations when creating a patio garden
Creating a patio garden can be as expensive or economic as you make it. If you aren’t in any rush, you may be able to spread the costs out over a period of months or years to reach your end goal. If you lack patience or just need to get it done already then you will need to be realistic about the expenses which will occur. Its worth remembering that safety, security, maintenance and storage all play a part when creating a patio garden, so ensure that these are carefully considered. Non slip floors, locked gates, fencing, cleaning, drainage, pruning, sweeping and covers for furniture or appropriate storage may all help!





How to Create a Patio Garden

  • Information for creating a patio garden!
  • Use of brick, flagstone, concrete and pavers
  • Different designs and ideas which may help
  • Find out about accessories that give your patio garden its personal touch
  • Build a wall to enclose the area
  • Use the space to create a herb garden or oasis area
  • Tools, tips and hints to help establish your patio garden. Attract nature with colours, scents and foliage
  • Build a base, deck and cover for the area


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