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Tips for building a patio
This website contains helpful information about building a patio, in addition to ideas and tips on how to grow your own vegetables, furniture and accessories, different types of design and lots of pictures! Read below for information about building a patio, or surf the site for details on how to deck, patio garden chairs, tables, seats, benches, covers, umbrellas, lighting, water features and much, much more!

building a patio

Patio Building

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How to plan and prepare
There are many types of patio that you could choose for your property. Building a patio is not a quick and easy process and it should be well thought out and planned before any work takes place. There are lots of factors to take in to consideration during the planning and then a thorough preparation of the site is necessary. If you are thinking of building a patio there are many websites and companies that offer free advice and step by step guidance. However, building a patio may be a challenge for those who have no prior experience or those who simply do not like DIY. The good news is, there are lots of companies who will be more than happy to assist with the building of your patio and you may find links on this site to local builders.

Materials for building a patio
As there are so many different styles and types of patio, you may want to look for examples throughout this website for inspiration. The materials are an important factor to consider, as you could choose to use brick, block-paving, tiles, pebbles, natural stone, slate or even tarmac or concrete. The latter may sound a bit industrial; however both tarmac and concrete can have further elements added to the mix to create unique and sparkling finishes. Not only can they be made to look good, but it may even work out cheaper than laying stones or slabs. When building a patio, remember it can also be spruced up by creating a decorative border with stone, pots, water features or plants and flowers.

Help with building block patios
Steps that could be considered when building a block patio:

  • Decide on the area where the patio building will take place. Ensure that it is big enough to fulfil its purpose (such as fitting patio furniture, pots or vehicles on it). Mark the area out with string and stakes or alternatively mark with chalk/spray paint. Try to avoid established trees nearby, as the roots may cause problems further down the line.
  • Dig the area down 8 inches, removing any vegetation and soil. Small stones or rocks can remain, although these will need to be compressed and the ground levelled (with a Tamper). Remember that you will want water to run off of the patio into a drain away. Therefore, you may wish to have the surface run-off away from your home, or any other areas that could flood.
  • To prevent weeds growing up through your patio, you may wish to spread a strong weed killer before laying landscape fabric. Cut the fabric to shape ensuring that the entire patio area is covered.
  • Spread 3 inches of gravel over the whole patio area. This can be spread evenly with a garden rake, before being compacted down using a Tamper machine. Ensure that the level is consistent.
  • Once the gravel is compacted and the area prepared, you have the choice of installing a plastic edge around the perimeter of the patio, or laying a course of bricks. To ensure that the bricks are laid properly you may wish to use a professional brick layer. Plastic edging can be bought in long strips and then cut to size. The edging strips will have holes for 12 inch stakes or spikes to be hammered through. These will ensure that the edging is solid and stays put.
  • You will now want to add a thick layer of sand up to 3 inches below ground level/edge level or whatever the thickness of the bricks you are using. The bricks will sit directly on top of the sand and the patio and edging want to be flush. Spread the sand out with the rake and distribute it evenly, before using a piece of 2x4 wood to smooth and level the surface. If your patio is quite small, a good tip is to cut the piece of wood to shape (i.e. the width and depth of the patio, with two ends that sit on the edge). This way you can drag the wood backwards knowing that it will remain even across the entire patio.
  • Once the sand is finished, you can begin laying the bricks. Remember to check the level of the bricks regularly so that they sit flush with one another and the edging. There are various designs you could choose, such as the herringbone, running bond or basket weave. Once you have decided on the design you would like, the bricks can be laid one by one, using a rubber mallet to firmly tap the bricks into position. For any odd cuts or half bricks, a hammer and chisel could be used, or alternatively some type of stone cutting machine (for a perfect straight edge).
  • Once all the bricks have been laid, sand needs to be brushed into the gaps between the patio bricks so they stay firmly in position. Use a broom to thoroughly brush sand over every brick and into every space or gap. Use a garden hose to then gently spray over the patio so that the sand sinks between the bricks. Let the patio dry and repeat the process until no further sand can fall between the bricks of the patio.

Why build a patio?
Building a patio not only makes your property look tidy and modern, it could also add monetary value, reduce ground maintenance (such as weeding and mowing the lawn) and provide a perfect place to entertain and relax. A patio can be used for outdoor dining, sun bathing, pot plants, garden furniture and for children to play without getting dirty. Building a patio could also act as a drive for parking vehicles off the road. Building a patio can be a really enjoyable experience and teach you lots about garden construction. If you are trying it yourself we wish you luck!

patio building

Thousands of people search to find out about building patios and ideas for their garden. Building a bit of personalised paradise on your own door step will look great! We hope that you have found this website a useful guide to tips for building simple block patios and the materials needed. You will find that this website is a great resource, whether you are designing, building or renovating garden patios or simply purchasing some products and accessories. Both men and women young and old love building their own decks and patios, growing their own plants and having a place to relax and entertain friends. We hope that this article has given some helpful pointers!




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