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This website contains information about different types of brick patio, in addition to ideas and tips on how to grow your own vegetables, furniture and accessories, different types of design and lots of pictures! There are many other accessories that will compliment your garden so be sure to visit our Index page for ideas and links to patio garden chairs, tables, seats, benches, covers, umbrellas, lighting, water features and much more!

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There are lots of different and interesting designs for brick patios. Patios can be used in both the front and back yard or garden and with a huge range of different coloured and shaped bricks, can be made to look as plain or unique as you like. Many opt for a brick patio in the front garden of inner cities to allow off-road parking, whilst others like a stone patios as they alleviate the need for maintaining plants, shrubs and lawns. A brick patio can make any garden or yard look clean, tidy and modern, as well as provide function and reduce maintenance.

Who can build a brick patio?
If you are looking to build your own brick patio then there are many sites that will give you step by step advice. For those with building experience, designing and creating a brick patio should not pose too big a problem. The tools and materials needed should be relatively easy to get hold of and if building a small brick patio, you may only need a couple of days to complete the job. However, for most of us it is more practical (and safe) to call in an expert and have them complete the job for you. Note: Always be vigilant when choosing a firm to build you a brick patio and any other garden related constructions. Ask friends, family and forums for advice about local firms who can be trusted to do a good job and one that lasts.

What's needed to build a brick patio?
To build a brick patio, you will require a number of materials and tools, including a spirit-level, crushed stone/hardcore, breathable landscape fabric, a shovel, rubber mallet, string, broom, water/hose, a long piece of 2x4 timber for screed, wheel barrow, sand, bricks and a concrete mixer or board to mix up the cement for the outer brick border. You may also want to use a compactor to flatten and level the crushed stone prior to laying the screed and bricks. If you do not have easy access to these things, you can hire them from al local provider or buy them outright.

Designs and ideas for a brick patio
Your brick patio doesn’t have to be rectangular in shape; however this may make it easier to lay. Brick Patio Designs with curves, patterns and other features will make the process more complicated, however these are often the best looking. Incorporating different brick colours and alternative materials such as wrought iron and wood will also add to the aesthetics and personalise the area. A brick patio doesn’t necessarily have to be one level either - you can create tiers if working on a larger scale, just remember that drainage and surface run-off should be planned carefully prior to starting.

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Preparing a brick patio
With any brick patio, analysis, preparation and planning are key to ensuring success. If you have someone else building it for you make sure that the design and detail you want are made clear and precise before they begin. You want to completely remove any vegetation and weeds to prevent them growing through the brick patio in future years. Suppressing weeds with breathable garden fabric may help, as may a strong weed killer. Laying hardcore and compounding the ground will also provide robust foundations. You want to avoid the ground sinking, so carefully consider water and the weather, and you want it to last many years so ensure its built with longevity in mind.

Thousands of people search to find out ideas for their yard or garden. Personalise your outdoors with some unique designs! We hope that you have found this website a useful guide to a brick patio and what stone and designs could work for you. You will find that this website is a great resource, whether you are looking to design, build or simply purchase some products and accessories. Both men and women young and old love to create their own garden, grow their own plants and have a place to relax and entertain friends. We hope you can get some ideas and inspiration from our website to set you on your way!




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