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This website contains information about bistro sets, a whole range of other outside furniture, ideas and tips on growing your own flowers, plants and vegetables, what patio garden accessories may be suitable, different types of designs and several pictures for inspiration! Please read on below for information about bistro sets, or take a look at our site via the Index page for details on patio garden chairs, tables, seats, benches, covers, umbrellas, lighting, water features and lots more!

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Facts and information
The word bistro is used to describe many a small restaurant, which may offer food, wines, coffees and indoor and outdoor seating. Bistro sets generally consist of a table and two matching chairs and are used by couples to sit, relax, converse and dine closely together. There are hundreds of different bistro sets, made from a number of different materials. These can be purchased for use in the home, in the yard or garden, or perhaps in your restaurant or bistro. As they are small, bistro sets can fit into tight spaces and you will see many cafes and small shops using them to provide as much seating and dining possibilities within a small and limited area.

Plenty of options
Bistro sets are available with tall tables and chairs and examples can be found in bars and pubs across the globe. These tall sets fit in nicely with more crowded and sociable areas where others may stand and only use the table for their drinks. Other sets are low sitting and designed for relaxing and enjoying the outdoors. Comfort will range depending on the size, shape, design (mosaics or modern) and materials used on the bistro sets, however you should be able to find the one that suits you and your patio garden.

Prices range
As so many companies sell these garden furniture sets, the options are endless. Prices will range depending on the company you buy them from, the materials used, the design and the time of year. Money can be saved on bistro sets by looking out for sales and special offers in local garden centres or nurseries. End of season clearance sales and buying a previous years design may also help reduce costs. However, it is not always the best option to buy the cheapest bistro sets, certainly if you plan to use them a lot, or if they are going to be kept outdoors all year round.

Made from various materials
Bistro sets can be bought made from antique, cast or wrought iron, wood, glass, woven wicker, aluminium, natural stone or plastic. Some will be stronger and longer lasting than others, as well as deal with adverse weather conditions - so it is worth considering your climate and the longevity of the material. Other considerations may include assembly, storage, cleaning and maintenance. If the sets you like are heavy and difficult to assemble you may wish to ask for help - or alternatively look for collapsible / folding sets. If the bistro sets aren’t to remain outdoors all year round, do you have appropriate storage or are there covers you can buy with the sets? Cleaning and maintaining bistro sets is also important. You want them to look as good and last as long as they can.

bistro set

Bistro sets can come with a number of chairs and you are not just limited to two. Other accessories that can be bought with bistro sets are complimenting parasols or umbrellas and replacement cushions for the seats. If you have a theme or certain décor which you wish to continue, cushions on chairs will visually pull the set in with its surroundings. All weather cushions are also good for bistro sets, as they can remain outside; however keeping the cushions clean from dirt may be an arduous task. Try to avoid the need for replacing bistro set cushions regularly as it will become expensive. With options of different colours, patterns and covers, any bistro set can be given a boost when the new season arrives - certainly if you require a standard size cushions. Other accessories may include parasol bases for stability and also care products for both sets and cushions.

Thousands of people search to find out about bistro sets and ideas for their patio garden. We hope that you have found this website a useful guide to bistro sets products and options. You will find that this website is a great resource, whether you are looking to design a patio garden, create or buy a bistro set or simply purchase some other products and accessories. Both men and women young and old love to create their own patio garden, grow their own plants and have a place to relax and entertain friends. We hope you can get some ideas and inspiration from our website to set you on your way!




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