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Welcome to the patio garden website! This Index page has multiple links to articles, advice and information about topics to do with gardens and patios. Learn how to build your own deck, get inspiration and ideas on designs and find links to relevant and helpful resources. We have all of our article quick links to the right of every page for easy navigation around the site. Hover over one of the links to learn more about apartment patios, English gardens, edging, ponds, containers and much more.

patio garden

Patio Garden

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Furniture and Accessories for the Patio Garden
Throughout this website you can find tips and information about different types of Patio Garden, including ideas on garden furniture and accessories may compliment your space, different types of design and lots of pictures! Create your own personalised paradise and make a comfortable, functional and beautiful space to relax, entertain and socialise. Read about the many features and fixtures you could add to your patio garden to make it unique and unrivalled!

Gardening for Beginners
Patio gardens can be transformed into stylish, functional and comfortable areas with a little work and know how. Throughout this website, we have articles that will offer ideas, tips and advice for the novice gardener that will help achieve this. Hover over and click on any of our links to reach pages with additional content and numerous links to products. We have lots of beautiful pictures to boot and will be adding relevant videos to assist you with certain topics. Visit our how to make a garden page and pick up tips about where to start with your preparation and planning. It should be an enjoyable experience when learning how to create a garden, however you may want to carefully consider shape and positioning, flowers and plants and which materials to use before you get started. If you are thinking about building a patio, you may want to try doing it yourself or hiring professionals to do the job for you. Either way, it is worth knowing the basics and what general steps can be taken with brick patios. If you are looking to improve or revamp the decor and design of your garden, you may also find inspiration from our patio garden pictures and photos.

Accessories, furniture and sets
There are a huge range of patio garden accessories and different types of patio garden furniture, so with a little effort you will be able to locate the style, shape and colour to suit your patio garden ideas. Designs, styles and materials are forever being updated and improved, which means if you aren't too bothered about the latest fad, you could pick benefit from some bargains at end of season sales. Patio furniture can be found online or you could just choose to visit your local garden centre or furniture store - however, unless it is the time of the year for sales, it is likely that most bargains will be found online. Popular furniture that you may wish to consider could include traditional deck chairs. If you are not familiar with them please visit our deck chair page for more information. These would add colour and character to any outside space - they are easy to store, light to move and can come in a range of colours or patterns. Many companies specialise in restoration so you could even buy yourself an antique for your guests to relax on! There are so many different types of patio garden chairs and loungers too, so if its more comfortable cushions and thick spongy seating you are after, then these may be more up your alley. Loungers and chairs are perfect for lazing on during those sunny days. If you do opt for these, ensure that they have strong mechanisms, durable fabrics and that you have the space to store them away during the winter months. Other types of seating furniture that you may be interested in could include garden benches or porch swings. Both will accommodate more than one person, so if you are short of space or just wish to closely socialise, these may be the option for you. All seating can be made more comfortable with extra cushions, so if you are worried about that do not fret. Just note the measurements and then shop around for patio cushions that will fit. For garden dining, you may want to consider buying a set of tables and chairs (depending on the size and shape of your property). Bistro sets would fit nicely into small garden designs and if you have a huge space to fill and plenty of people to entertain there are also larger patio sets available. If you plan to dine in the evening, you may also be interested in what patio heaters are available.

Water, Ornaments and Art
In additional to furniture you may want to soften your space with the use of water. A water garden can add valuable aesthetics to your design, with reflective qualities and tranquil sounds. If you include a garden pond then you could also enjoy owning fish and attracting a whole different type of wildlife. Garden fountains also make great features, certainly if you have smaller spaces or areas where it will be difficult to grown plants and flowers. Garden fountains can be used as focal points, positioned at the end of paths or in front of seating to give the eye something to focus on. Water features like these are often used in Japanese garden design. Other features that can add character and variation to standard looking yards are garden ornaments and lawn decorations. Both come in various shapes and forms and can also be used as focal points - examples include, gnomes, statues, bird houses and wind spinners. There are even decorations for occasions such as Birthdays, Easter and Christmas! Yard Art is also a popular pastime for many a gardener. Yard art adds character, colour and individuality to what can be a dull outdoor space. You will find ideas for making garden art or sculptures in various materials (metal, wood, porcelain) for sale throughout the internet.

Patio covers are a great way to give your garden shelter from the elements and there are different designs and kits you can be to try your hand at some DIY. There are patio covers in aluminium, wood and many other materials. If you have too much sun and would prefer a bit of shade during the day, patio awnings will provide just that. You may opt for a manual or remote controlled awning (for ease of use) but it is worth looking at all ideas first to ensure you get the awning that is correct for you. These are perfect for extending and detracting to different lengths depending on how much shade you need. A patio canopy can also create shade and shelter from the wind, rain and sun. You could design and build your own pergola or many garden centres sell different types of gazebo that will cover your patio or lawn and garden. Gazebos can be permanent structures or temporary free standing lighter alternatives that allow you to put them up and take them down when needed. Again, there are wooden and metal gazebo kits and plans available which show you how to build a gazebo. There are lots of patio shades available and each cater for different scenarios and needs. You can even consider finding one as part of a set. Patio umbrellas often come with matching table and chairs, perfect for patio dining outdoors. Look out for a clearance sale and save yourself some money!

Garden designs and landscaping designs can be as wild or plain as you like, depending on what you are trying to achieve. You will always need the space to be functional if you plan to spend a lot of time in the garden, but designs and ideas make gardens fun. Look through our pictures for ideas if you need inspiration - you could consider building a deck, a balcony patio or an easy to use (and access) container garden. If you would like to achieve a low maintenance patio garden, then you may wish to use more hard landscaping than soft, such as patio stones, paving, brick work, slabs, concrete or tiles. A backyard patio could cover a vast area, meaning less lawn to cut or less beds to weed and maintain - not only that, but they provide a solid foundation to dine and socialise on (as well as keep the kids out of the dirt). Furniture sets and ornaments look great on backyard patios, as do pots and containers. Just remember to have them laid sloping away from the home with good drainage! For more information and ideas on plans for a design visit our designing a garden page.

Plants, Flowers, Herbs and Vegetables
For keen gardeners, patio gardens must be full of vibrant plants and flowers throughout the year. If you are starting from scratch you may also want to consider planting trees and shrubs for larger spaces which will create cover, protection and privacy. Flowers, plants and small shrubs all offer a range of beautiful colours and different types of foliage to give your enchanted garden variation and natural beauty. Your local garden center will be able to advise you on what plants grow best in your area, as you will have to take into account the soil type, how much sun or rain you have and if you are exposed to harsh elements. Creepers, climbers and vines can be grown on to walls, pergolas, trellis and fences to hide unsightly views or brick work. Other enjoyable hobbies for gardeners may include a vegetable garden or a herb garden. Both are easy to create, and offer great benefits. Organic fresh vegetables and herbs at your finger tips are excellent for those who love to cook. Many recipes require fresh herbs and vegetables and growing them in your front yard or backyard saves a trip to the store! Plus, you know when they're at their freshest and that they haven't been covered in chemicals.

Lights and Lighting
Patio garden lighting will brighten up any outdoor space! Lighting can be placed high on walls and other permanent structures (such as security lighting) or they can be positioned in the ground to light up pathways, ornaments and features. Lights in the front yard can make a garden look a lot more friendly and welcoming, and if you tend to spend time outdoors at night, perhaps round the swimming pool or just relaxing in the evening, then its nice to be able to see what's going on in the garden. Landscape lights include garden string lights, solar garden lights, party lights and many other types. Low voltage lighting can save on electrical bills and perhaps give longer periods without changing bulbs etc. When dealing with anything electrical it should be installed by a professional and not attempted by novices or children. Always follow the instructions with any lighting products you buy. It is also a good idea to ensure that wires and bulbs are protected from the rain and water (appropriately covered).

The Ground and Elements
With every patio garden, you will need to take the ground and elements into consideration. You wont want to erect flimsy structures in strong high winds, plant flowers where they wont have any sun or not enough shade and you won't want to build heavy structures in subsiding earth (like the man who built his house on the sand). Therefore, it is worth a thorough analysis of the site before you buy plants or materials so that you can be sure they will grow and work correctly. Think about the wind, sun, shelter, shade, rain, wildlife, drainage, soil type and anything else that may have an impact on what you are trying to achieve, certainly if you have an apartment garden or balcony garden.

A Useful Guide
Thousands of people search to find out about patio gardens and ideas on accessories, furniture and tools. There is so much you can do with a patio garden, the options are endless! We hope that you have found this website helpful and a useful guide to potential products and designs. You will find that this website is a great resource, whether you are looking to design, build, plant or simply get ideas and inspiration for your garden. Both men and women young and old love to create their own garden patios, grow their own plants and have a place to relax and entertain friends. By hiring experts or trying your hand at DIY, we hope that this website is of some use to you.



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